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On last Christmas, I and my family go for the winter carnival which is too awesome and it’s also the fun to see these types of events live. We were in Australia for the celebration and I started playing pokies online when I moved to Australia with real money which really gives me full satisfaction. I enjoyed when I play online casino games without download and to extract the games I entered in Android app world where I got many options. You will get the chance to try the real money option or you can enjoy free.

After leaving the carnival I thought why we didn’t visit gaming house and  play pokie or casino based on these types of the theme after visited the carnival on my phone using the internet. There are so many options approximately 1200 casino games which also entertain you much more and gave you more chances to win the huge amount as a jackpot. The theme of this game was too hilarious which I never explained in words. This pokie won your attention just by giving the incentives or rewards with so many features and attractive symbols based on entertaining and enthusiastic theme.

The carnival pokie consists of 5 reels with 243 pay line which is enough to win the huge prize. The betting limit of this game is AU$0.25 to AU$2.50 which help you a lot to win the jackpot. Monkey symbol works as wild symbol and Bonus symbol works as scatter to win the jackpot of 1000 coins.  This pokies has so many symbols to win the game like Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9,symbols, Ring Master, Strong Man, Acrobat.

This is very much famous in the australian casino. This game has unique game structure and has so many bonuses to win the jackpot of 1000 coins. If you get 5 monkey symbols then you won the fixed jackpot and if you get the 5 Acrobat symbols then you won the fixed jackpot of 1000 coins. There are 3 optional free spins rounds in this slot. The average payout of this game is 97.99% with festive music. So hurry up and sign up today to win more prizes by just playing online games.